Difference between Translation & Transcription

  Translation and Transcription both are the process in which genetic information which is stored in DNA is converted into Protein via RNA. Transcription and translation both are important part of the central dogma. Here we are comparing Translation and Transcription.

Difference between Transcription & Translation :

• Transcription is the process which takes place inside the Nucleous of the cell in Eukaryotes and Cytoplasm in Prokaryotes. /
Translation is the process which takes place in the Cytoplasm of the cell in Eukaryotes as well as in Prokaryotes.

• Transcription is the process where our cell will create RNA molecule using DNA templet. /
Translation is the process of building a Protein from mRNA strand which is synthesise in Transcription.

• In Transcription process RNA-polymerase enzyme splits the hydrogen bond between double helix structure of DNA and move ahed. /
In Translation Ribosome reads mRNA strand codon and move ahed (Ribosome starts to read from AUG codon).

• For the Transcription process row materials are used is four types of ribonucleotide molecules - ATP, GTP, CTP and UTP. /
During Translation the raw material used which are 20 types of amino acids.

• The Transcription process forms three types of RNAs, which are rRNA, tRNA and mRNA. /
While these all three types of RNAs take part in Translation process.

• The Transcription process requires RNA-polymerase enzyme and some other Transcription factors. /
Transcription requires Ribosome and initiation factor, elongation factor and translocase factors.

• For the Transcription process there is no requirement for any adaptor molecule. /
During Translation process Adaptor(tRNA) molecules bring amino acids over the temple.

• The Transcription process is ends with the Splicing machanism of mRNA by removal of Introns by using spliceosome. /
While there is no any Splicing machanism present in Translation process, it uses spliced mRNA.

• In the series of reaction first Transcription occurs and than Translation occurs.

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